Thursday, July 8, 2010

An older story, to set the mood.

The following is an account of an event that occured in my life a little over 4 years ago. I am reposting it here because I love the story and the magic of it.

I got home from work today, hating the mundane-ness of my daily life. Ride the bus, work in big office on computer, eat lunch with unhappy suits, ride bus home with same unhappy suits... BLAH!!
So I decided to go for a walk... a long walk.. to explore my area. I wandered though some very wealthy looking neighborhoods, with manicured lawns and expensive cars. As I walked i though " I need more magic in my life". I walked on...and on.. and on.. I walked for 2 hours up and down the hill county of northwest Austin.
The subdivision gave way to more rural settings as the sun began to set. The views were spectacular. The fuscia western sky was amazing.
I walked on...and saw the one creature on this amazing planet that scared the shit outa me.... a snake!
Thank the gods it was already dead or I might have died of a coronary. I sprinted to get out of the wooded area before full on night fell.
I came round a corner and came to an intersection of moderately heavy traffic. Across the intersection a man in a gold car had stopped and was looking at the middle of the road. I tired to see what he was looking the gods!! another snake!!!!
The man got out of his car, and walked over to me. He was an attractive slim gentleman with greying temples. He spoke with a thick accent I thought was French.
"It was trying to cross the street and it got hit. I wanted to help it along to the other side.. but it is too late for it I think."
I told him how I feared snakes greatly. We chatted about why I was there and he told me that he lived nearby. It was an odd place for a conversation, but he was very charming and friendly. He told me he was a financial consultant and offered me his card. Then shook my hand and wished me luck.
The name on the card... I shit you not... was Uriel Bach.
Now if you dont know, Uriel is the name of the Archangel of the East in some mystic traditions. Angel of good fortune and wind falls. Financial consultant...????? you see my point right???
OOh it get better....
SO... I head home down a dark less travelled road.. and my foot hits a dark lump in the street. Having just met 2 dead snakes.,. I jumped! It turned out, however, to be a lovely brown leather purse. I was sure some prankster left it there... probably with a snake inside.. so I kicked it and walked on.
But that voice that judges us and makes us do silly things nagged at me "chickens never get the treasure". So I went back and kicked it again.. no movement came from inside. I stomped on it and nothing went squish. I punted it a few yards and waited.. nothing. I snuck up on it and pulled the zipper...slowly...then jumped back as I dumped it out...
Only papers, a billfold and a chapstick fell out. WHEEEW!!!
SO I dug in.. and looked around. I found a 10 and a 20 and a few ones and thought "Wooooooooooohoooooo!" then I found more.
A few envelopes.. filled with hundreds. I was shocked! I walked quickly to a secluded spot behind a dumpster and counted. $1853. NO SHIT! nearly 2000 dollars.
As I explored more.. I found her drivers licsens...her pics of her grandkids, adorable... her teacher's credit union card...etc. etc.
I sighed deeply and called my buddy Jeff. He googled her name for me and got me her #.
FUCK I could use 1800 bucks.. I need a car badly!
But I called her anyway. She was a sweet old retired teacher with a dickhead boyfriend with anger managment issues. He had tossed her purse out the window of the car during a fight. She cried when I gave it back... every dollar was there...I think a few coins got lost in the punting...she hugged me and thanked me for being a good person.....she rewarded me with a $20.
Im gonna have a nice lunch tomorrow...with the suits.. and Ill ride the bus again too.. but I will do it all knowing that magic happens all the time.. to me and because of me.

Uriel.... I hope you saw that... financial consultant huh??

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